AdAnima Design

Unless otherwise noted, all content was created by AdAnima Design (a subsidiary of Alex Lorenc Life Coaching).

All photos were taken/edited by Alex Lorenc. Nevertheless, you may save any images for non-commercial use.

Feel free to examine and use any of the html or css in use here—after all, it is only through the creative efforts of many who came before us that we are able to reach new heights (see "Sources" below for some examples).

The primary typefaces in use on the site (Open Sans, Sorts Mill Goudy, and Anonymous Pro) are all openly licensed, and supplied with the incredibly useful Google Fonts tool.

All rights are otherwise reserved.

Web Design Sources

My menu design was cobbled together from the following resources: and with a bit of extra javascript help from to fix an anchor tag issue.

The css-only sliding image caption effect was learned from

The contact page is powered by Jem's PHP Mail Form.

And of course, thanks as always to the encyclopedic for almost everything else!

Business Cards

Current business card, front side

Although I designed the cards myself (primarily using Scribus, with the help of Inkscape and a pimped out installation of GIMP—in addition to a lot of learning by trial & error, too), I ordered my cards from Their card quality is superb, and their customer service is supreme. Highly recommended!

Current business card, back side