I even own a suit! (Not Pictured)

Here are just some of the ways I can help your established business or company, or to help you as an individual create your own business....

Perspective Consulting

Need help brainstorming new ideas to grow your business, draw more customers into your storefront, or market to new demographics?

Want to examine what can be done to increase both efficiency and employee (and employer) morale?

Feeling left behind more forward-thinking companies, and want some much-needed futureproof inspiration?

...Then I'm the person to talk to. There are a ton of consulting firms out there that will examine all the metrics and data that your business can generate—which is useful information to have—but they'll charge an arm and a leg for the data collection, and in many cases their suggestions can be lacking. Sometimes all it takes to make big strides is some vision, uncommon sense, and a new perspective, all of which I can offer you.

After all, there's a reason why so many large companies employ futurists, "digital prophets", "tech evangelists", entrepreneurs-in-residence, youth consultants, demographic consultants, and sundry other arbitrary, but entirely real and quite helpful personages—to give businesses some much-needed perspective.

Liaising & Translation

Far more often than most people realize, businesses fall apart, lose to competition, or make obviously bad decisions due to interpersonal issues or miscommunications between executives, or between various elements of a company.

After all, there's a very real reason why it's said the stock market runs on fear and psychology, not metrics or inventory—and that doesn't only apply to shareholders or the public.

Sometimes all that's needed to get a business through a difficult time—whether transition and growth or stagnation and mismanagement—is more effective communication between the people and departments within a company.

I can help with that.

I can be an efficient communicator between marketing and production. Or a mediator between disagreeing board members. Or a liaison between executives, management, and employees. Or even a translator between an overworked and distracted CEO and their family. So many profit-blocking problems can be solved without hiring, firing, or otherwise massively disrupting your enterprise. Let's do business together!

Partnerships & Entrepreneurship

Do you have an idea, but have no idea what the next step might be to make your idea a reality?

Do you have capital, and want to invest in someone else's ideas, but on your own terms?

Do you have an idea and capital, but need help putting it all together, bringing it to the right people, marketing, and in general presenting your budding business to the public in the best and most charismatic way possible?

Then I'm your guy. Let's see how we can work together to make your idea a reality, make the world a better place, and have an amazing time along the way.

So, if you believe that you or your company could use a new perspective to revitalize your vision, help with ideas, or mediation, then please contact me and we'll set up a preliminary call to see how I can best meet your needs. Everyone can win!