Alex pretending to be artsy

A Short Biographical Sketch

As is true for all of us, a multitude of experiences have shaped my life throughout the years and brought me to this point right here and now.

My education began quite young, as I was thankfully homeschooled until age 10. This instilled in me a love of learning and research, and taught me many practical life skills that have stayed with me to this day and that I enjoy sharing. I was later fortunate enough to earn a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, where I grew mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The forge of that experience tempered my sense of self profoundly.

Academic trials and tribulations gave me the perspective that we all make mistakes, and we're all capable of great things.

A Gap Year of worldwide travel that included a range of workstudy, volunteer, and explorational experiences led to an increased awareness not only of other cultures, beliefs, and peoples, but also of my own convictions and desires. From Andean villages without electricity to the cities of Old Europe; from the Australian bush to remote Japanese towns; our vast but clearly interconnected world became my teacher and mentor.

Travel gave me the perspective to understand, accept, learn from, and enjoy getting to know people from all backgrounds.

My path through life has also included a broad mix of jobs & careers in a wide variety of fields, from retail, contracting, and hospitality, to education, management, and finance (among others). Over four years of experience as a teacher, advisor, mentor, and manager for youth leadership & career-based programs was especially formative and expansive for me. This has all given me insight not only into how individual people and jobs interact, and how specific industries function, but also into how the myriad elements of our society can work together harmoniously.

Work gave me the perspective to help people to find their true callings, and to help businesses that might be seeking a rejuvenation of purpose.

Finally, and most importantly, I've had the good fortune to encounter and learn from many amazing people—teachers, bosses, leaders, coaches, and wise individuals from all walks of life.

With each new person we meet, we can gain ever more appreciation for ourselves, each other, and for what we're all capable of accomplishing when we work together and help each other.

These experiences have all guided me into a position where I can now help you to discover in yourself the sense of wonder that comes from truly enjoying each perfectly imperfect moment we experience. Let’s connect and see how we can grow together!

See my Influences for some of the specific people and books that have helped me along the way.