I'm not usually this preppy. Which is why I'm laughing.

Welcome! I'm Alex, and I'm here to help you to remember who you are, rediscover what's important for you, redefine your purpose, and generally gain another perspective on life.

Do any of the following thoughts ever come to you or someone you know?

...Then I can definitely help you!

Here are some of the other ways I may be able to help....

Life Coaching

Could you use a neutral ear to listen, an honest voice to give feedback, or a safe space to have an honest and direct conversation? What about someone to hear you, and translate, interpret, present, market, and interface for you to the people around you? Those are all things I can do for you. Once we develop an open exchange, we can learn more about ourselves and the world around us. And from there, we can form a partnership to explore your goals, form a plan, and get you moving in a direction that makes you happy! It all starts with a conversation, so send me a message, and we'll quickly discover how I can best help you.

Perspective Consulting

When sales start to slip, competition heats up, or morale starts to dip, businesses often find themselves hiring a variety of consultants to help trim fat, develop a new identity, or refocus on fundamentals. Such consultants come by many names—youth, efficiency, or marketing consultant, productivity czar, digital prophet, or futurist, to name a few. Well, one thing all such advisors have in common is that they bring a much needed new perspective. I can help your company with that. Contact me and we can develop a plan that will work for your business.

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Are you part of a group which could use some motivation, perspective, or alarm-clock style waking up to new possibilities? I'm your speaker! Let's collaborate on a topic that's important to your group, and I'll gladly engage everyone by broadening some horizons. Oh, and we'll have some fun, too.

Another Middle

I believe that wherever we are, we're in the middle—we can see as far ahead of us as we've already left behind us. And at every new horizon we reach, we can suddenly see newer and more spectacular horizons still to come. That's why I named my blog "AnotherMiddle," since there's always more to learn and discover, and there are always new ways to look at the world. Here, you'll find links, articles, videos, images, and more that I find interesting, inspirational, amusing, and thought-provoking, in addition to random tidbits that I feel like sharing with you all. Enjoy it!

As you browse the site, learn more about who  I  am, and explore what I have to offer, feel free to contact me with any questions that may arise, especially if you feel I can be of service to you!

I am available for phone consultations from anywhere in the world by phone or Skype. We may also be able to meet in person if you're in the CT, MA, or NYC areas of the US. Let me know!