Here's what others have to say about Alex's services....

I first met Alex during one of the darkest points in my life: health issues, a lost job, an ended relationship, and a move. I had lost everything that had come to define me and my life was complete chaos. Worst of all, though I was deeply depressed and highly anxious, I had completely boxed myself in and refused to acknowledge that I needed help.

Even in moments of balance, I have a defensive and reactive temperament, so working with coaches has always been problematic for me, despite my desire to change. I seek growth and constant evolution, but I can be quite resistant to acknowledging areas of weakness, or threats to my personal development. Alex always had a way of bringing me to recognize my limitations and challenges on my own, without laying them out like a laundry list. He is highly effective in a subtle way. Although we were dissecting my life to discover and overcome what wasn’t working for me, I never felt like I was on trial. It was all OK. As a result, he is the only coach that’s successfully helped me to make lasting changes in my life.

In addition to his warmth, kindness, compassion, Alex is one of the most uniquely intelligent people I have ever met. His brain has a special capacity for seeing through to the core of things—like emotional x-ray vision—which makes him brilliantly capable of tailoring his approach constantly. As a coach I have experienced Alex as a Mirror, a Guardian, a Nurturer, a Mentor, an Adjuster, and a Guru. He is never a dictator and he was never condescending. Alex is incredibly open, and sessions with him were full of sharing, and characterized by an equal exchange of energy. I was never merely a “student” or a passive recipient. Our talks were highly dynamic, and he made me an active participant in my own growth. I did the work, and he supported me.

What I appreciate about Alex most of all is his authenticity. He is full of love and genuinely cares. Coaching is what he was born to do...That much will be clear after a single session with him. He is always training, always seeking to be better, for himself, for his friends, for his clients, and for the world. I can't imagine working with someone who didn't have the level of passion that Alex possesses for helping people evolve and live their best lives.
~ E.K., Barcelona, SPAIN

I want to thank you very much for being my life coach over the past year. You present ideas with a kind of diplomatic honesty that was very helpful.
I have derived a great deal of peace and direction after speaking with you by phone on several occasions.
It was helpful to hear encouraging words about my past accomplishments, which sometimes need to be pointed out, to keep me going. ​Helping to define my goals, and reminding me of t​​he fact that goals take time and require patience ​was helpful too.
Thinking positive was something else that ​I needed to hear. Getting into and remaining in a positive mindset is becoming habit now.
The weekly homework was revealing to me personally and helped me to see aspects of myself that I had not recognized before.
The telephone consults were very convenient.
Thank you for all of your time, patience, and enthusiasm in helping to get me on a better track!
~ J. Brown, Niantic, CT