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My Philosophies

The most wonderful thing about stating your Truths to the world is that you then free yourself up to create and discover new Truths. So take these thoughts with whatever grains of salt you need, and always, always use your God-given/Universe-evolved mind to come up with your own Truths.

Nothing is perfect. ...And everything else is too.

One definition of Truth, is Courage. For without courage, how can anyone truly and freely speak their truth to the world? And although there are always natural consequences to any of our actions, no one is qualified to judge your Truths and opinions—only you can change yourself in the end. So have courage!

Paradox is not something for students of philosophy to debate abstractly. Paradox is a living, breathing aspect of reality to dive into and explore joyfully. That’s why I greatly enjoy playing devil’s advocate and playfully guiding people to new perspectives—two people’s perspectives can be diametrically opposed, but both can still be valid Truths. That seems like a good description of paradox, doesn't it? So, don’t be surprised when, for example, if you live your life in logic and rationality, I introduce some mystery and metaphysics; and if you live your life in pure feeling, I introduce some scientific structure. All playfully, of course!

"Average" and "normal" are merely mental constructs of unrealistic statistical ideals, and we’re too concerned with reaching them. Embracing difference, quirk, imperfection, peccadillo, eccentricity, and even "failure" (which is really just "learning") is the most useful way to make our lives, relationships, businesses, and futures more full, rich, and happy.

Our society is also far too obsessed with perfection, profit, data, devices, metrics, and material—more than ever before in history—which is further disconnecting us from the wonderfully messy, fantastically interpersonal, and phenomenally varied world that we live in. It’s only by teaching ourselves to live more in the moment, and by trusting and accepting ourselves fully, exactly as we are right Now (warts & all), that we can enact natural change in our lives and grow as a species.

I am a steadfast advocate of complete openness—even in (maybe especially in) this Internet-connected Information Age where privacy seems to be eroding before our eyes. It’s only by embracing our newfound interconnectedness at a fundamental and personal level that we can gradually eliminate fear and hatred, and increase respect and peace. We spent millions of years in small tribal groups, and only very recently in human history had to deal with multitudes of strangers for much of our lives. Well, we’re now re-entering a period where we form a tribe, but this time it’s be a tribe consisting of all humanity, thanks to technology.

More to come!